Insights by Dawn….

Today as I type this to you, my mind is as usual working each edge and corner of the attempts I have been making to reach out with this extraordinary insight.  I am trying to expose a miracle before each individual person’s eyes.  When you have your epiphany, it can change everything you feel about your life, your interaction with others, the connection to our spirits revealed. You will see how the orchestra of the angels is imprinted in glory on our material world.  Nothing inside me is the same since my first witnessing.  I feel like a piano that had never been tuned, playing the music of my life slightly out of accord and struggling.  Then, through internal adjustments that occurred inside me. From the very moment of true acknowledgement of what I was witnessing, my mind and spirit soar on accord. Joy filling the cathedral of my mind with the grace of “truly knowing” what my existence is incorporated into through faith.  There is no sweeter more fulfilling choir than your conscience speaking to you through true knowledge.  

I feel today that my attempts to truly open the eye of the beholder have been inadequate to the task that has been set before me.  I have asked without a clear answer “Why choose me?”.  It has been a struggle to learn so many writing, formatting, website and publishing aspects when all I really want to do is focus on the incredible ancient writings that speak of the sight beyond the Veil so I may continue to show where the knowledge has been overlooked for so long.  The first book I have written takes you beyond what could be coincidence and begins to join science and our Faith into one.  In 140 pages, I explain how I found THE frequency, THE line of sight. I guide you to unifying what details are before us.  The parables gave us rural directions to guide us to witnessing the Kingdom Jesus spoke of frequently.  I relay where knowledge is anchored in word and truth.  It took me years to discover the path.  Years of solitary searching.  Once my mind captured even a small glimpse of what is hidden before us, I was beyond captivated.  When you truly witness a grain of what I am trying to convey you too will become captivated.  Believe me, I understand how difficult it is to swallow that we do not know everything and yes something this mind blowing can be right under our noses hiding the ordinary and common.  But many leave too quickly to be impacted, or they let this miracle go unchartered in their doubt.

This is not click bait, this is not deceit.  I guarantee that if you read the book and do not believe the realization of the unknown is exposed within the pages I will return your money or  personally walk you through the opening, in a manner convenient to you.  I seek to touch your life in the most sincere, rewarding, joy filled ways only.

To those of you who have extensive knowledge of scripture, you maybe the most difficult to reach so firm in your in depth teachings that you doubt what is not in your church’s doctrine.  The message I wish for you to ponder:  I can open the layers to even the most intimate stages of the Kingdom.  This is the knowing that will change our world, but it begins with opening your eyes so you may open others.  Six degrees of separation means if we all begin to realize the truth in the scriptures all along we all can save our souls from ourselves.




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