Every detail in God’s visual kingdom follows God’s directive.  In every image in this gallery and in your own home and backyard, you hold the keys to witness His visual Kingdom.  You have to turn the image in your sight look into the details to find the light contained within.  Follow the pinpoints to the revealing of the Spirit of God saturating all existence.  Put the eyes with the eyes… based in scripture, the truth will reveal the truth to you.  Let your conscience be the guide in each image.  Let your eyes focus on the unity and adjust to new ways of looking at our home.  This does not happen easily.  You must seek the truth contained. I can show you the path to dial into the miraculous.  Once you are able to grasp what is before you nothing will remain ordinary.

Does the image appear ordinary?

Change your perspective; stand up, or hold the phone down to the right and look down on the image.  What do you see now?

Our perspective determines what is available for us to see.  I can show you how to see the incredible.

 It is a journey, resulting in a clear vision of God’s so cleaver evidence that will defeat doubt.

All things are possible with God.