The Dead Sea Scrolls contain many of the parables that are repeated in the Holy Bible, reinforcing their importance to our growth into Jesus Christ and therefore unto God’s Kingdom. In and around 1947, two very important but very different collections of ancient religious texts were unearthed in Palestine and Egypt: the Dead Sea Scrolls. These ancient texts contain glimpses into information that was burned out of existence. Lost to us through the years of a destructive history. During the building of the orthodoxy of the church, these texts were labeled as heresy and destroyed as it became a crime to own such texts…

Special thank you to Willis Barnstone who granted me permission to use his translated texts that are found on the Nag Hammadi Gnostic site.  Please explore for your self these priceless treasures.

In the book I explore two of these ancient texts: The Gospel of Thomas and The Gospel of Truth. I reveal where the evidence is stated clearly when applied to my discovery.  You can experience God in a way we never conceived.  As stated on the cover of the book,  ” Ye blind guides which strain at a nat and swallow a camel.”   This is not only ground breaking this discovery is mind-blowing when you fully grasp the depth in which the Kingdom is exposed before us.  When you learn the method of application of the scriptures you will see Christ; today, right this instant- anywhere in and on everything.

I explore common modern words which have been taught to us through the years but when applied to this discovery their meanings ring with a new sense of truth and purpose in our quest to know God.  For some this will be the burning bush moment they have requested.  The time is now.