God’s Visual Kingdom Revealed!

When you see what is right here before us,…..

   Pictures can can say a thousand words, but have you ever looked at a picture and seen YOUR Creator looking back at you? 
     Dawn had asked if she could show me something spectacular one day so of course I said yes. She started showing me a bunch of pictures that she had taken of the trees, rock formations, and the clouds in the sky. She started explaining to me on how she can lift the vail and see our Creator looking over us.
     She gave me a tube and showed me how to take a closer look at all of the pictures she had previously showed me. While I was looking she told me to find the lines, the lines that could reveal our Creator. It took me a second but I started to see them.
     Not to long after that I started to see Him, and once you see His face you can’t unsee Him. I saw the eyes, nose, mouth, head shape, a person. I was amazed. This was something that I haven’t seen before while looking at the clouds and the trees. 
     As we went through the pictures there was this one in-particular that stood out to me and still remember what it looks like. At the top of this rock shaped mountain it was our Creator and all of the rock formations under that looked like a bunch of people running to him and praising him. It gave me goose bumps while she was showing me and talking about it. 
     After she went through the pictures with me she took me to places around her yard to look at the sky and the beautiful trees that she has all around her yard. She explained to me to me to take my phone out and take a selfie with the clouds and the trees. After each picture we took we took a few minutes to look at them before we took the next, and every picture I could see Him. It was like He was looking over me all the time!
     I truly felt different leaving Dawns house later that day knowing that my Creator was always looking over me and it was very comforting feeling. It was something that was truly spectacular and I’m glad that Dawn had taken the time to show me that our Creator is always watching over us. Kyle, Indianapolis


                    From behind the Veil, God awaits our epiphany.

Where the impossible, becomes our new reality…..



We have read in the scriptures of the mystery of God’s Kingdom.  Yet have you really searched for God visually?There are so many clues to guide us to search all things for God, for He is within and without.  We have repeatedly overlooked many elements that are the key factors to unifying God’s directive and opening the veil. Do you seek to explore the unchartered discoveries?  Can you free your mind from past influences and open your mind and eyes to the indescribable?  Do you seek the truth?  Can you think for yourself and come to your own conclusions and deductions? Become open to all possibility and a whole new realm will become visible to you. The supernatural powers of God that rule our existence are being revealed to us for our exploration.

One truth is that you cannot expect the mysteries of The Kingdom of God to expose themselves to you in a moments time. If we could grasp previously how to see beyond the veil, we would not be speaking of His Mystery. There would not have been a mystery for each of us would know the truth revealed.  This visual exploration of what has been before us yet we do not see, will require you to open your mind and learn to unify what is before your eyes.  Yes, I realize many people will judge in a moment and move on.  They would not make good treasure seekers or explorers.  You will need to become both on the journey into the Kingdom.

Enclosed is none of the deceits our world spins.  Enclosed are directions to venture through a gateway to visually experience the evidence God gives to nurture and love us.  If you truly seek, you will witness what never occurred to mankind.  The incredible mind of our Father, is far more cleaver than we have imagined and the clues have been right there under our noses.  He has provided undeniable evidence of The Truth.  Truly seek the unraveling of these historical mysteries God is now ready to expose to us and you will witness the uncorrupted truth.

God is everywhere, in everything, beyond any concept we mere mortals can comprehend. I have deeply contemplated whether I am to share this new knowledge with anyone outside my circle.  I have researched my heart, mind, and soul for instructions from God on what is intended for me to do.   Should a sinner, like me, expose God’s mystery so all can find the Kingdom of God?  God has shown me now is the time and as scripture has stated the truth will come to all through text and images, this is the way and you have the means. Follow your instincts (Your Spirit) is the best advice I have ever received.  My instincts have always known God lives within me and by following them I have discovered the opening of the Veil.



          The mountain of evidence once seen, will forever change our future.


In the twilights last gleaming,

the world took on a whole new  meaning.

From the shadows just before night

I could not believe my own sight.

By focusing on His light, darkness fled the night.

Unity revealed where the two converge.

Full of delight, I see the knowledge emerge

to rescue us from our mortal plight.

From the beginning of time,

we all have had a light to shine.

Just believe in His love divine….

…The evidence is between the lines.

Where no one thought to look in all this time.

A majestic, simplistic plan

so much older than sand

designed to eliminate all doubt from mankind.

Trust His Truth by following His Light.

Childlike resting in his line of sight.

Open your eyes anew,

let the Mystery unfold before you.

Free your mind, let your Spirit shine.

You will witness The Kingdom Perfection designed.


From the beginning of time.
           Open your eyes and witness The Holy Spirit.


From this moment on, attempt to open your mind to observing every detail.  Our world is not as explored and documented as our conditioned minds have been conditioned to observe.  The finest details are not ordinary, they are extraordinary.  Entire civilizations have come and gone without having recognized the imprint of the Spiritual realm.

The Spreading of the Truth

Our world is in turmoil.

I am unable to wait any longer to make a perfect platform

to make this knowledge known to all.

Everyone needs to know the hidden secrets that are now being deciphered.

Let me take you on a journey into your own Spirit,

where when you search all things for God

start within yourself first by opening your mind to these new revelations.

His Kingdom is visible to all who choose to peer beyond the veil.

 The same Veil that has been stretched over all of mankind’s eyes for centuries.

Do not scoff.  There is no deception written within this message.  

This can prove God exists in ALL HIS GLORY!!

If you believe and follow this insight you too can witness

the undeniable proof God has set before us.

Using everyday items, the layers of the Kingdom combine before your eyes using a new mental awareness and by following the finest details unified before us. The Kingdom reveals itself only to those who truly seek God who resides in plain sight for those who locate the frequency and line of sight.


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“Where do we come from and why are we here?”

 This must be the oldest unanswered questions of mankind.

 These answers we will still need to resolve amongst ourselves;

but the dimension of your answers will be expanded tenfold with this knowledge.

The possibilities that become factual reality will cause every numbered hair

on your body to stand on end. The joy experienced by those who choose

to dedicate themselves to the Journey, is incomparable .

Seek your own epiphany. He is waiting for YOU to witness that we are indeed created in his image.






As the Veil is lifted, may we, by Gods grace, see, believe, and behave in a way consistent with the revealed truth. May God grant us the ability to see the unseen here and now; then, to live in the light of these realities. “

Discover the truth, open your mind to the extraordinary .



  Anchored in the Scriptures,  waiting for centuries, are the clues and descriptions of how to join Gods Kingdom while we are still mortal.  Teaching us that we are of The Spirit of God and He dwells throughout all things including ourselves.  The Parables Jesus spoke to us through crystal clarity when joined with

His undeniable evidence.

Read the evidence, begin your journey….

Take the Next Steps…

 What I will show you is undeniable proof.

Evidence so consistent and constant that this knowledge could not be mere coincidence.

Proof beyond the miracles we have become

accustomed to as ordinary, although they are not.

Proof that the mystery, the Source,

the unifying element of the universe

is the Promised One, The Holy Spirit.

God is The Master Principle.

Start your journey

At first, God’s Visual Kingdom was hard to get into.  Until it opened my eyes to another sense I had not been using.  The only way I can explain is with another experience.   When I was on a tour in the caves in Kentucky, it was such a wondrous experience that awakened every pore in my body and mind.  The dark dampness and the scent of minerals flaring my nostrils.  My mind and my eyes danced to a new world.  A completely new world was awakened in me by this book.  Suszanna N.


From this moment on, attempt to open your mind to observing all that is identical.  Look at all the details displayed before us, as of now left unexplored.

Every detail ties into the next detail…..Follow the truth, start the journey into realms only touched upon by Science Fiction novels.

This is not a magazine.  You can not flip through and read the headlines to grasp the this knowledge .

The more you explore the finer the details become.  If you catch a glimpse, follow it.

Let it lead you into a new enlightened state of being.

 Your instincts, your own Spirit, will guide you to see God orchestrating the Universe.


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After reading a small bit of this book God’s Visual Kingdom, I had to turn to the beginning to start over. This is not a fast read but words to be pondered over, explored as an artifact, waiting for centuries to be revealed. No rushing, for you have to savor what is hidden in the mystery that is now being revealed. Have your soul ready. God’s Visual Kingdom exposes a mystery, by peeling back layer after layer of the Veil at a time.  Life changing information. Linda C.

It took me years to discover the path.  Years of solitary searching.  Once my mind captured even a small glimpse of what is hidden before us, I was beyond captivated.  When you truly witness a grain of what I am trying to convey you too will become captivated.  Believe me, I understand how difficult it is to swallow that we do not know everything and yes something this mind blowing can be right under our noses hiding the ordinary and common.  But many leave too quickly to be impacted, or they let this miracle go unchartered in their doubt.

To those of you who have extensive knowledge of scripture, you maybe the most difficult to reach so firm in your in depth teachings that you feel I must be elaborating, I am not when you witness what I have seen, many scriptures will lock into place like a missing jigsaw pieces.  The message I wish for you to ponder:  I can open the layers to even the most intimate stages of the Kingdom. This is the knowing that will change our world, but it begins with opening your eyes so you may open others.  Six degrees of separation means if we all begin to realize the truth in the scriptures all along we all can save our souls from ourselves.

2 Corinthians 3:10
Indeed, in view of this fact, what once had splendor
has come to have no splendor at all,
because of the overwhelming glory that exceeds and excels it.
The glory of the Gospel in the face of Jesus Christ

Within these pages I will show you wonders we have only begun to understand. A reality that will reorganize the way we “see” everything in existence. Confirmation that the scriptures come from Gods truth. The unity we need to acknowledge in order to become all that is now laid out for us to grasp. This is not information you have known before. This is information that confirms the thought of coexisting dimensions we have only previously only fantasized about in sci-fi movies. A connectivity we have only just began to realize has a depth that is ten-thousand-fold stronger than we have imagined at this point in mankind’s explorations.Your success in witnessing His hidden Glory, depends on your ability to acknowledge new thought processes.   Not only mentally speaking. You must lay aside old life lessons and not-relevant old teachings.

Become like a newborn babe, absorbing every detail, as if you have never seen them before.


A quote to carry in your mind,

Stephen Hawking

“However, if we discover a complete theory,

if should in time be understandable by everyone, not just by a few scientist.

 Then we shall all, philosophers, scientist, and just ordinary people,

be able to take part in the discussion of the question of why the universe exists.

 If we find the answer to that,

it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason–

for then we should know the mind of God.”

 – A Brief History of Time–Page 193


Still not convinced to take this incredible journey?  Consider this definition –


1. (a) An act of revealing or communicating a divine truth…………..

(b) Something that is revealed by God to humans

 2. (a) an act of revealing to view or making known

(b) something that is revealed; especially, an enlightening or astonishing disclosure…….

We have truly missed something in the translations….





   This is one time you definitely want to be at the head of the line……..

Where the impossible, becomes our new beginning!

As one Tale Ends….

  By unifying the layers – the view into the kingdom deepens.


**********You may not see the significance of the photos.  Because, you do not know the keys to entering The Kingdom.  I can teach you step by step how to witness the miraculous that exists within our ordinary observations.*******************

Look for the eyes first, hold the image low and to the right and look “into” the image.  Our visual perspective determines the details available for witnessing, by “dialing in” at the correct frequency.

God is with each of us, always.

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The Gallery contains the images revealing the Kingdom to all seekers of Gods truth.  Most of the photographs I have taken others are notated from their source.  They will look ordinary to your everyday sight.  You do not know how to find the frequency.  I can teach you step by step how to open the mysteries behind the veil right before your eyes. With exploration you will find the veil is open to you at anytime you stop and truly seek.

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Where the impossible, becomes our new reality


exceptions: All Scripture is contained verbatim from original sources.

Open your eyes…


If you have any problems with your book, I am an email away.  If you wish to ask questions, or gain further insight just email me, I am at your service.  All the glory to God for blessing me and all of of mankind, God bless you on your journey.  Amen.


Terms of service:  I will not share any information, ever.  I will only email subscribers.  Then it will be to send updated images captured of the Spirit. Refunds available if unable to download product. File is quite large and you may need to use larger data than your phone can store.  Thank you for coming to this site and opening your mind and heart to Our Glorious Creator.  Dawn M. Mapes















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